As real hair factory, what could we do for your hair business ?

Hi guys

I am Michael,the unfamous hair expert and trading manager from reign hair factory.

I have always wanted to write this article for a long time but unfortunately I don’t have time because I was so busy with other works.

As real hair manufacturer who actually have real factories,I can tell you that we are your Mr right if you are looking for a long-lasting relationship and reliable supplier.

Below are our advantages:

1,The lowest price in the world’s market for same standard hair quality.we are the original supplier , you dealing with us means that the middle agencies are cut and you save a lot money by getting the direct factory price.

2,Ability to produce a large quantity hair extensions in a very short time,not like the other famous websites or companies based in the USA which can only supply you with small quantity even they say they have a lot in stock when actually they also import from china ,we might be one of their suppliers. Yes you can order from them if you want only a few bundles or very quick shipping because they are based in the USA and that is a fact which we can not beat , luckily ,to suit the high demand of hair market we have also made huge stock for bundles,closures,frontals and wigs ,we can manage to ship the hair within 24 hours once you place the order, DHL /UPS/FEDEX takes average 3 days to arrive your hands.
That means it’s better to choose us ,the real factory,if you want order more hair ,which will definitely save you a lot money, consider about it.

3,We offer very good after-sale service, unlike many of the suppliers in china who are very polite before the purchase and ignore you once the hair has some problems, we always want long-term business with our cliensts,we will always be responsible for what we sell and yes we will change the bad hair, just look at our rank in google when you search wholesale hair extensions and wholesale hair extensions suppliers/factory/manufacturers, we are always in the top three,we won’t risk our reputation by cheating our cliensts who sincerely want to work with us . we indeed have long-term perspective.

4,You definetly need to customized your own packages and everything, you can find them all from reign hair cause we do a lot packages and it is easy for us to help you, what is more, you can get a very cheap price to do it ,we don’t earn any moeny  from your  packages .

5,You can get all the hair knowledge and infos from reign hair that you can never get from any other places ,let alone those companies based in the USA. We can tell you all that you need to know even sometimes you don’t know what you need to know but you should know. you can prevent something bad happening and solve many problems when you know about the hair material and how to treat the hair , we will tell you all from material to finished products, there are also something that I can not explain but you will find out when you actually have the knowledge.

Anyway just remember that , you need reign hair factory if you want to place large order and keep same high quality as always and especially if you really want to learn something in hair industry.

We are real wholesale factory,the factory is located at Qingdao while we now have office in guagnzhou.

we focus on long-term business with clients who sincerely want to work.

If you have other questions after reading this pls feel free to ask me :

Michael + 86 13864277142(whatsapp )

At last , good luck  fellows.