know more about the best pre-bonded( fusion) hair extensions
 We have talked about wefts a lot,today i wanna talk about something different,for example
Pre-bonded hair extensions including i tip, flat tip,u tip.
Many women like to use pre-bonded hair extensions and there are many different colors to choose,
below is the color chart from reign hair factory( 

Just like the wefts,the pre-bonded hair extensions also have different qualities,some are good

And some are bad but most of the hair in the market are not good enough.

Most of the problems are tangling, shedding, anyway can not last long time.

I dont need to explain why other pre-bond hair would be like this,just because

The hair material and technology are not good enough.

Lets talk about what our pre-bonded hair extensions look like and use like.

First, we believe that only by supplying the best quality virgin human hair can we achieve

Long-term business so we only supply the best quality virgin hair(virgin hair taht is cut directly from womens head and cuticles intact all in one direction) products and yes the price is not cheap but my dear friends, you get what you pay for,doesnt it? You can never expect that

You could get an A+ while you only spend several days to study which is only worth a C.

Second,we have been supplying hair products for more than 10 years, our workers are very experienced and they can do exactly the same color as requested. Except the virgin human hair material, we also use italian keratin to to the tips ,what is more, the hair is very thick in the end(double drawn)pls check the pics below .

to make it look real,we took these pictures with cell phone,it is what you see it is, no PS no processed.
these pre-bonded hair extensions can do all the colors far more beyond your imagine and it is double drawn,
thick end natural straigh and can last at leat one year with proper care.

To get to know more about our pre-bonded hair extensions pls contact us, i will tell you all i got.