New pu Tape In Hair Extensions

With people's pursuit of beauty, hair extensions have become more and more

popular. There are various types of hair extensions on the market today,

including weft, i/v/u/flat tip, nanoring, micro loop ring, tape in hair

extensions, flip in hair extensions, clip in extensions, wigs etc. Of

course, the most popular is tape in hair extensions all the time. Because

it not only is convenient to install and remove, but also has little

damage to the hair, which is especially suitable for freshmen.

Of course, there are several types for tape, including pu tape, double

wire tape, and invisible tape. With the advantages of tape, I believe

those who  know about hair extensions are familiar with it. Now, I will

share one surprice to you all. That is our factory has searched a new

material pu tape!

The new pu tape which uses a more flexible new material. We can see from

the detail drawings that it uses a new material with high toughness and

has a certain degree of flexibility. This not only offers the wearer a

more realistic visual effect, but also enjoys a lighter and more

comfortable tape.

Our customers have been pursuing higher quality products and our factory

has also been making continuous efforts to improve. In order to satisfy

all customer needs, our factory offers high quality hair with a best price

all the time.

New products, new experience! Welcome to consult and try!