Why Tape-in Hair Extensions?
Different from pre-bonded extensions with hours to apply, tape in extensions allow you creating an amazing long hairstyle in minutes, its the one of the most convenient and efficient ways among hair extensions industry.
With high speed of application, tape-in hair extensions are a great way to add volume, length, and color to your current hairstyle. Tape ins can be cut, ironed, curled and dyed any style you desire.
With no damage, no heat, no glue, and no sewing, tape-in extensions has good blending with your own hair with no damage. Its seamless and invisible.
Reign Hair Factory offers soft tape, sew-in tape, hand-hooked skin weft tape, and butterfly tape in. 
Hand-hooked skin weft tape: It is imitation hair growth. After the application, you can only see the hair on the surface. So hand-hooked skin weft tape-in extensions is internationally recognized as the most advanced invisible hair extensions.