Hair extensions business are growing rapidly.
Hair extensions transactions are growing rapidly for B2B and B2C recently years. For some hair extensions manufacturershair extensions suppliers and hair extensions retailers, they have made large profits in the past several years due to the increasing demand of hair extensions for worldwide market, especially for Africa, USA and Europe maket.

In China, India and some other regions, more and more people are going for human hair industry and the markets are becoming very tough. Some wholesale hair extensions suppliers are trying to meet all their buyer's requirments to gain more orders. The bigest buyers are the hair saloons who are facing the consumers directly. The hair saloon people give their expert advice and can sell hair extensions to consumers easily. The customers also like to buy hair extensions from hair saloons since in hair saloon they can get their hair with one stop solution.  
High quality human hair wigs

More and more consumers would rather human hair extensions than animal or artificial hair extensions. They want to have a natural hair looking when wearing hair extensions or hair wigs, so the human hair extensions/wigs with no chemcial treatment is the best choice. It can last for many years while the processed hair extensions can only last several month. For processed hair extensions, the colors is fading with every wash of the hair extensions, and the texture are also weaking with the time passing.