How to find a good hair extensions suppier and how to test the hair quality?
  As we mentioned in last articles, the hair business is growing very fast because of the continuous improvement of fashion industry and existence of women (LOL). Many people find that the hair business is a million dollar business so they want to step in and sell hair.

 So how do we start our new hair business,the first step is to get to know more about the hair market, the hair prices are different which means the hair quality differs from each other, need to investigate the market to find out which kind of quality and price has the bigest consumers and the second one , the third one ,etc.

 When you have the knowledge of what hair quality and prices are the most popular you can begin the second step:look for suppliers. Yes it is easy to say but it is really hard to find a good one, how can you seek a good one among those many suppliers?normally we should talk with them first and ask for pirces and pictures to compare, after some talking and comparison with different suppliers i believe you alredy have several good not hesitate to order sample to test quality from one of them you think is the best, here comes another question: how do you konw it is the best ? First, the best suppliers must have good prices and good hair pictures that you can tell the hair quality from roughly.then you also need to ask the sellers several questions that you already know the answers to see if they are honest, but the most important ting is to see if the salesman/saleswoman knows well and how deep about the hair they are selling. This step is very important because if they dont, they can not understand what you really need neither can they tell you what you should know when you actually dont know.i believe we dont need to wast time on explaining why this is the most important thing, just imagine that you go to shopping and you meet two sales, one can only tell you they have good price and quality but nothing else while the other one can also tell you why their quality remain good with cheap price . Besides that, he would ask what you want to do with the product and your expection on it so he can tell if that product is the best choice for you . This is responsible behavior, you can not expect those newcomers to tell you infos like that, they are not able to be responsible for what they say and sell because they dont know, and if they dont know about what they sell, how can you count on their personalities because they are too lazy to get to know about their job. So please remember that work with those experienced and responsible sales who know much more than you do.

Now lets talk about the product(hair) itself,good hair should be soft, naturally shining,vertical and thick end by seeing and feeling.when used and washed, it can remain vertical end and no tangling, no shedding,the pattern would keep same shape after brushing and washing. The most important thing is it can last a longer using time like half year, 1 year or even two years.(the using life should be told by the sellers and you agree with the it).it can dye colors and can be ironed according to the hair quality. Here comes another several problems that you might meet with.

 Below are some main problems most buyers met:

1 hair becomes frizzy and tangling after washing.

2 hair pattern becomes loose or gone.

3 hair shedd very heavy.

4 hair is easy to break.


Hair that has problems like above is not good hair and you need to replace the supplier.

Let me show you what is real good hair, check the pictures below :6A and 7Ahair in our stock that are ready to be shipped

Below are the pictures we took after 20 time wahsing even without using shampoo and hair conditioner.


  The result is that even after 20 times washing, the hair remain good condition and still soft and shining, verticle hair end,no tangling no shedding. Our 6A and 7A hair can last at least more than half year to one year with good caring.


Now you know how to find a good hair supplier and the way to test hair quality.


Please feel free to ask me any questions about hair, i am michael (+ 86 13864277142)and i will always be there for you .