UK Became the Third Largest Import Country of Human Hair Extensions.
According to the Custom of UK record, there was about 45 million value of human hair extensions were being imported to this country in 2013, which brought UK to the 3rd largest import market of human hair products. Currently more and more people in UK are wearing human hair products when going outside, like human hair extensions, human hair wigs, etc. The Afraican Britishers are the major consumers for human hair extensions. The trade business of human hair is increasing quickly and has spreaded for worldwide market.
Wholesale Hair Extensions Suppliers

The bigest human hair import country is United States which covers about 50% of the global human hair makets, and the bigest human hair export country is China. The business increasing is not only expanding but also gaining large profit for hair extensions manufacturers and wholesale hair extensions suppliers. London IBIS, the famous research in UK announced that the duties generated of human hair business is about 4.5billion pounds in 2013 and is expanding very quickly year by year. The human hair business have been increased 70% in the past several years, and it would still expanding almost same rate in future years. Human hair will become the leading industry in the future...