What do you konw about the real virgin hair extensions

if you are doing hair or beauty business, you've already konwn that the hair sales is becoming more and more popular and more and more people are getting into this business,there are so many hair extensions manufacturers,hair extensions suppliers and hair extensions retailers sellinghair wefts,lace closures,lace frontals,wigs ,tape in hair extensions, pre-bonded hair extensions, clip on hair extensions and even toupees for men who has no or less hair on head.

all the  whoelsale hair extensions suppliers are telling you their hair are 100% real human hair but their prices are so low  while some others are really high, how come does it happens, that is because the hair business are growing rapidl recently years, to gain more clients and markets, the human hair suppliers are mixing human hair with animal's hair to achieve  low costs so that they can give way lower price to occupy the market. for example, the Aliexpress was like this before, you can see many human hair suppliers when you search cheap human hair extensions.now they are cleaning up the platform by saying no to those who always compete with low price but  rubbish quality.

you think this is all ?  now let's talk about the rest (100% real human hair) there are always brilliant ways to cheat the consumers.
when a woman comes to buy hair extensions from hair suppliers,hair distributors or hair salons, she would ask for Brazilian hair extensions, Indian hair extensions, European hair extensions,Peruvian hair extensions, Malaysian hair extensions and Mongolian hair extensions, etc. and she would ask for virgin quality, yes, they would definitely sell you  "virgin" quality, now here comes the question: are you sure you are buying the real virgin human hair extensions? what do you konw about the virgin hair extensions?
the fact is 90% of the whole hair extensions business are not real virgin hair, ther are two kinds of materials can  replace the so called vrigin hair .

the first one is  processed hair which means that the hair has been processed, the hair factories collects many hair material that fell on the ground naturally , the hair cuticles are not in the same direction which can not be used so they put the hair into acid(acid bath) to remove all the cuticles to make the hair less tangle. but it definitly will tangle with acid bath, the hair is getting thinner than before which can easily be broken.anyway the hair is dead hair ,no nutrition ,the processtion make it worse quality,normally this kind hair can only last one month or so .

the second one is remy hair, i know the remy hair used to mean virgin  hair for you guys but the remy means the hair has cuticles ,the real virgin hair surely has cuticles with no doubt,  there are another kind  hair material which is not real virgin  but also has cuticles.
remember i mentioned the processed hair comes from fallen hair on the ground, one way is to process with acid, the other way is to use a special machine (dao tou machine) to make the different directions of all cuticles into the same direction,amazing right? with this method, at least 90% of the cuticles will be made in the same direction and the hair is more shining and soft and can last longer enough,average more than 3-4 month. normaly the hair wont tangle but there are many remy hair that tangles(will explain in the next news) yes we ourselves are supplying this kind,too. but we are honest to tell our clients what it is , we dont cheat. (below are pictures of dao tou machine and our hair that has been wahsed 20 times)

the real virgin hair is getting more and more rare now because it is cutted directly from women's head, the demand of hair is growing fast than you can imagin and the hair is growing slow so how comes there are "virgin hair " everywhere?
for now you know about the inside story of hair extensions business,there are more waiting to be told in the future, contact us if you want to learn more , i will tell you everything i know and make you a better humna hair vendor .

by the way, we mainly supply two kinds of material, one is remy hair  (our remy hair quality is the best, will tell you the reason with next news) the other one is real virgin hair extensions. we have people collecting hair materails in the mountains and middle west areas(women in those areas like to keep long hair ).the real virgin hair we have length from 8" to 40" long, i think it is long enough to meet all your demands.
in the end  i wanna tell all of you :we only supply the best quality.